Gotham City springs to life in AR as you match wits with The Joker

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Each adventure in the series comes jam-packed with over 100 various game pieces, artifacts, mysterious documents, and collectibles. Dig through them all to unlock the fun and twisted stories The Joker has in store for you.

Coupled with a mobile app (available on iPhone and Android devices), the items come to life in your home with the magic of Augmented Reality. "See the world like ME!" taunts The Joker as he invites you to scan the physical evidence and objects in your adventure box.

That's when the party really starts. Through the lens of "Joker Vision," you'll unlock eye-popping 3D animations and scenes as Gotham City builds itself on your game table. You'll also reveal secret puzzle clues, interactive games, and over 40 minutes of custom animation and live-action story scenes.

The Arkham Asylum Files is brought to you by Infinite Rabbit Holes from the new mixed-reality studio Animal Repair Shop. The creative team is filled with veteran immersive experience creators that span everything from interactive games to even the world's best theme park rides. The team is also responsible for the most successful ARGs (Alternate Reality Games) of all time —including Why So Serious (The Dark Knight), Flynn Lives (TRON Legacy), Year Zero (Nine Inch Nails), and Pawn Takes Pawn (Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War).

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