New Yorkers: if you want to vote in the 2018 Democratic primary, you have to register by Oct 13

The New York Democratic primary — like primaries across the country — will be a fight for the soul of the Democratic party, between the establishment wing and progressive, Sanders Democrats who want a $15 minimum wage, universal health care, free four-year state colleges, and limits on banks and the finance industry as well as foreign wars.

If you have a dog in this fight — and I think you do — and you live in New York, you'll get to cast a primary ballot in June 2018. But to cast that ballot, you need to be registered by October 13th, which is about a week away.

If you are not a Democrat, but you want the right to decide who will run against our current Congressman you will need to change your party. To change parties, you need to fill out another voter registration form and get it to the County Board of Election by closing time of Friday, Oct. 13. You can get a form at your County's Board Of Elections, fill it out there and hand it back to them on it the same day. Or you can download a form from the County's website and mail it or take it to your Board of Elections. When they receive your filled out form, it is placed into a locked box which will be opened a week after the Nov. 7 General Election. The Board of Election staff will then process the form and change your party! It is easy, and it is quick.

You can confirm which party you are a member of by calling your Board of Elections or by going to

LETTER: To vote in '18 Democratic Primary, register by Oct. 13
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