Trump is taunted by his own party after he lost up to 25% in primaries last night: "a badddddd sign"

Donald Trump will boast about winning last night's primaries in five states, which is easy to do when you're running against nobody.

But what he won't tell you is that he got only 75% – 81% of the vote across Florida, Kansas, Ohio, Illinois, and Arizona, with the rest mostly going to Nikki Haley, who received 14%–19% of the vote. But even Ron DeSantis (and Chris Christie!) made a small dent. Which "is a badddddd sign," according to former Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger.

"The fact that Haley is still getting almost 20 percent in these states AFTER dropping out is a badddddd sign for Chief Whiney," said the anti-Trump Republican who has dealt with his fair share of MAGA haters.

Meidas Touch editor Ron Filipkowski also chimed in, focusing on the miserable results in Florida, where Trump lives. "20% of Republican voters in Florida voting for Haley (15%), Desantis (4%) and Christie (1%) after they all dropped out is another very bad sign for Trump," the former Republican (until Trump came along) posted. "They can't spin it on Democrats crossing over this time because FL is a completely closed, Republicans-only primary."

On the other hand, President Biden "consistently receives over 90% of the vote, no matter which ballot he's on," added anti-Trump Republican group The Lincoln Project. "The American people are tired of Trump's grifting, indecency, and criminality."

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