Syndaver: A $95K animatronic cadaver that's replacing med-school corpses

The Syndaver is a super-realistic robotic human corpse simulator with replaceable viscera that med students can dissect again and again, freeing them to use the donated bodies of people who willed their remains to science for med school pranks, like sneaking them into the alumni dinner in a tuxedo.

Syndavers are 95% water and need to be kept submerged between uses to prevent them from drying out. Their features include dilating pupils that respond to light and trauma, breathing lungs, a pumping heart that keeps blood at the correct temperature, and optional features from seizure-simulating limb actuators to realistic tumors.

Hospitals and med schools use the fakes to teach anatomy and train surgeons, and the most lifelike model is the $95,000 SynDaver Patient. This exquisite corpse can be controlled wirelessly so practitioners can rehearse elaborate medical scenarios in which the patient goes into shock and even "dies."


[Jon Christian/Wired]