Lucky Cat re-wired to wave at high speed

Watch a Lucky Cat re-wired to wave its hand at a frantically high speed by "A Boring Day" on YouTube.

In this fun video, we get to see the catastrophe that takes place when two high speed lucky cats battle each other with their ferocious spinning arms. 

We also get to see what it looks like when other random objects are placed on the arm motors. 

From Youtube:

"I Made a High-Speed Lucky Cat!

In this video, I modified an ordinary Lucky Cat into a high-speed version. I modeled and 3D printed the internal structure of the Lucky Cat to securely hold a high-speed miniature motor and battery pack. Then, using 3D printed parts, I connected the arms of the Lucky Cat to the motors, allowing them to spin rapidly. I hope this design brings more luck and joy to those watching this video.

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