Cool interactive map of Rome's landmarks and related literary musings

Walks in Rome is an interactive map project that updates and modernizies a famous 1870 guidebook of Rome by August Hare.

The The Morgan Library & Museum:

In 1870, August Hare published Walks in Rome, an immensely popular guidebook enriched with a wealth of literary quotations. City of the Soul similarly provides an itinerary through visual and literary Rome, allowing visitors to take a virtual walk through the city. An interactive map, based on a digital version of Paul-Marie Letarouilly's 1841 plan of Rome, permits visitors to the exhibition to contextualize a selection of the works on display in City of the Soul. Clicking on highlighted features on the map brings up descriptions by nineteenth-century authors and images of both the objects in the exhibition and the actual monuments. This cluster of information encourages visitors to consider the objects in City of the Soul within the context of their historical period, and equally importantly to make comparisons between the appearance of the selected Roman monuments then and now.

Walks in Rome