Watch how to fix a dangerous traffic situation with a simple solution: duct tape

Cyclists in the Dutch city of Nijmegen had a traffic challenge in a popular part of town every day during rush hour. A small road for bikes at the busy Keizer Karelplein intersection was in constant chaos with heavy congestion, and bikers wanting to turn right were often forced off the main path, making it a dangerous turn. But a few creative citizens fixed the problem with a simple solution: duct tape.

Watch how they use the tape to make two lanes on the bike path, one with a straight arrow and one with an arrow pointing to the right. And more interestingly, watch how bikers obey the duct tape. Ahhh, order is restored.

In the YouTube comments, we find out that the folks who came up with this brilliantly simple solution ended up removing the tape for fear of pollution, but happily, the city of Nijmegen announced they will paint new traffic lines and arrows this week.