United makes emergency landing when passengers become light-headed and nauseous

A United Airlines flight traveling from Munich, Germany to Newark, NJ had to make an emergency landing at London Heathrow Airport after several passengers complained of feeling light-headed and nauseous after food was served. Paramedics came on board and took one passenger off the plane.

According to American Council on Science and Health:

One individual was taken off the plane by EMS and the rest were formally assessed, ultimately booked into hotels and rerouted to their final destinations. Other accounts on social media describe riders as wearing oxygen masks, though the photos published so far on such sites don't demonstrate this to be the case.

Passenger Pete Teoh, who felt fine, tweeted about it:

The cause of the illnesses is still unknown (although it seems like it was some sort of food poisoning) and is being investigated.

Image: Pete Teoh/Twitter