Boeing plane makes emergency landing at LAX — again — after tire trouble

Here we go again. Last night pilots on an American Airlines Boeing 777 plane thought it "blew a tire during take off" after leaving Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and was forced to make an emergency landing at LAX in Los Angeles.

This comes a week after the tire of another Boeing plane, this time with United Airline, flew off right after take-off, prompting that flight to also make an emergency landing in Los Angeles.

And, this comes shortly after other more serious Boeing mishaps, from missing bolts and a blown-out door plug panel mid-flight to a "technical event" that caused a plane to nosedive. Riding on Boeing planes — which are falling apart at the seams — gives "adventure travel" a whole new meaning.

From NBC News:

American Airlines Flight 345, which was operated on a Boeing 777 plane, landed around 8:45 p.m. local time, after it "blew a tire during take off" from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the FAA said. 

However, American Airlines said Thursday morning there was no blown tire, and the pilot had received an indication that the pressure was low in one of the aircraft's tires.

"The aircraft taxied to the gate under its own power and customers deplaned normally," American said.