Watch: A fast-mo video of a flat-pack house that can be unfolded and assembled in 6 hours

M.A.Di. is a fully functional house that comes as a flat pack. You can unfold and assemble it in six hours – about as long as some IKEA furniture takes (at least when I'm building it). You don't need a concrete base, just a level ground, so finding a place to set it isn't difficult. If you want to move, just fold it up back up, ship it to your next location, and reassemble.

Designed by Renato Vidal from Italy, the house is earthquake resistant and ranges in price from $32,800 – $72,650. It comes in five sizes, ranging from "Single Module" at 27 sqm (290 sqft) to "Triple Module" at 84 sqm (904 sqft).

Here are some images from the M.A.Di. site: