Fancy it up with this silver spork

Inspired by my friend Veek, I now carry a titanium spork in my purse. Now, when I'm eating out and plastic flatware is the only option, I don't have to use it. Don't judge, it doubles as a tiny rake and/or an emergency backscratcher.

Today, for some reason, I sat here wondering if sterling silver sporks exist. They do! In fact, Mark posted about one back in 2010 that was cast from a plastic Taco Bell spork. Brilliant, but it doesn't seem to be for sale.

However, I did find one for sale on Etsy. Jewelry designer Matthew White of Brooklyn makes solid silver sporks for $120 each.

He writes:

This is a solid sterling silver spork. This spork is cast from a plastic spork so it had the feel and look of plastic silverware with the strength, longevity, class of silver. The dichotomy of wealth within this piece we be a wonderful addition and conversation starter at any dinner party.

It's getting fancy up in here.