Survey of top U.S. evangelical churches reveals "three explosive insights"

Church Clarity set out to report the policies and structure of America's churches, a project doomed to anger them. It results in "three explosive insights," which are fairly easy to guess: evangelical churches are universally hostile to LBGTQ people, 93% are led by white pastors, and 99% by men.

"Part of the reason we chose to release this now is because the New Year is a time when people decide to reengage with religion by attending church," said Church Clarity's co-founder Tim Schraeder. "As people of faith commit to new resolutions, we wanted to set them up for success by helping them make the most informed decision."

Church Clarity's leaders added that their decision to analyze race and gender in addition to sexuality also hints at the organization's expanding mission. In the future, they plan to also report on race and gender inclusion among church leadership. So this is not the first time Church Clarity has created a stir, and neither will it be the last.