MS Paint, redone in Javascript

Isaiah Odhner has recreated MS Paint in javascript. JS Paint!

You can try it out here — and the code's on his Github account.

This is too much fun. As he writes:

Ah yes, good old paint. Not the one with the ribbons or the new skeuomorphic one with the interface that can take up nearly half the screen. And sorry, not the even newer Paint 3D.

Windows 95, 98, and XP were the golden years of paint. You had a tool box and a color box, a foreground color and a background color, and that was all you needed.

Things were simple.

But we want to undo more than three actions. We want to edit transparent images. We can't just keep using the old paint.

So that's why I'm making JS Paint. I want to bring good old paint into the modern era.