There's an artist who will make a LEGO replica of your home

New York-based artist Shari Austrian of Etsy shop Little Brick Lane has been creating miniature homes since she was six years old. Her first one was constructed out of Play-Doh. Now, she uses LEGO bricks to make incredible replicas of people's homes.

Apartment Therapy interviewed Austrian, who shares this about her inspiration:

My now 7 year old twins, Emilia and Julian, reintroduced me to the world of LEGO just as we were having our new home built in 2015. I was fascinated by the design and construction of our home. My husband, Jonathan, our twins, and I were all so excited to move and I thought building a LEGO model of our home would be a special present for our family and a celebration of our new life.

Her LEGO homes don't come cheap though. A replica of a 2000 sq. foot house is $2500. Prices go up from there.

But, for that, you not only get the exterior but detailed interior rooms too. In fact, when you order, Austrian suggests you provide photographs of your home and a complete set of its architectural plans. Also, she writes that she only uses " brand new, brand name" LEGO bricks.

Once she has your payment and materials, it will take her about 8-10 weeks to complete your LEGO home.

(Hello Giggles), images via Little Brick Lane