Your traveling roadshow dreams could come true with this old timey theater (that folds up into a trailer)

Since 2006, Matt "Molotov" Bouvier and his wife Miss Dixie DeLish have been traveling coast to coast playing fairs, festivals, carnivals, and Wild West shows with their "Americana Mayhem Roadshow." Sword swallowing, dog tricks, cowboy trick roping, precision bullwhip cracking, and knife throwing are part of their act, which they performed on this gorgeous fold-up theater.

On Monday morning, Matt announced on Facebook that they are selling the fold-up theater for $17,000.

This theater is the real deal. Matt and Dixie bought the stage in 2006 from some folks in Gibsonton, Florida who had been using it as a "Wild West Follies" show since 1997. (In case you didn't know, Gibsonton is a community for carnival workers.)

Matt explains that it takes two people two hours to set the 17'x17' stage up, with no heavy lifting. The stage drops on an electric winch and the marquee raises on hydraulics.


For $17,000, you get the stage with all lights, sound, and its "rough" living quarters (sleeping loft with a shower, sink, microwave, and hot water heater). If you want the 2007 3/4 ton truck they used to pull it, it will cost you $35,000 total.

But, as Matt writes, "You can make it back in one season, we did in 2006."