Disneyland social clubs accused of behaving like outlaw motorcycle gangs

The LA Times recently reported on unpleasant behavior among Disneyland "social clubs," who roam the park in gangs of 20 and "resemble a cross between the Hells Angels motorcycle gang and a grown-up Mickey Mouse Club." The clubs have names like, The Dark Side Elites, Big Bad Wolves, Main Street Fire Station 55 Social Club, and the White Rabbits Social Club.

[A] civil lawsuit filed in Orange County Superior Court has revealed a dark undercurrent to the pastime. The head of one club has accused another of using gangster-like tactics to try to collect "protection" money for a charity fundraiser at the park.

The lawsuit reads like mob movie set in a theme park. The plot revolves around the Main Street Fire Station 55 Social Club, whose leaders claim they have been bullied and terrorized by the head of the White Rabbits Social Club.

The lawsuit names 19 members of the White Rabbits, accusing them of defamation, invasion of privacy, conspiracy and intentional infliction of emotional distress. It asks the court to reward the victims compensatory and punitive damages, to be determined during the trial.

The suit also names Disneyland, saying the park has failed to take action against the offending club. A park spokeswoman said Disney has not been served with the lawsuit and declined to comment further.