Selfie addiction: the struggle is real

Junaid Ahmed takes 200 selfies a day, enough to land him on UK's Obsessed with my Body.

Someone decided this is a disease called "selfitis." Via BBC:

An urge to take selfies and upload them on social media more than six times a day is chronic selfitis, according to researchers at the Nottingham Trent University and the Thiagarajar School of Management in India.

And Junaid admits his selfie urges can cause friction with loved ones.

"They're like 'can't you go to a meal and not take a picture?' And I'm like 'no, I didn't get ready for three hours for no reason'. Why would I not take a picture?"

He actually seems like a nice person. Here's a video where he counsels others on how to deal with emotional challenges (and no, selfies are not the cure he suggests).