Size does matter, sex shop too small for SFO

Apparently officials at San Francisco International airport are size queens. When selecting vendors for the terminals, SFO uses gross revenue as an indicator a business can handle their scale.

Evidently an Oakland area sex shop is too small.

Via ABC7:

Nenna Joiner owns Feelmore Adult Gallery in Oakland. She says she wouldn't offer products banned by the TSA, like handcuffs and ropes but thinks some customers would like sex toys and lubricants. When airport officials opened the new, luxurious Terminal 3 in January 2014, then Airport Director, John Martin, promised passengers "a uniquely San Francisco, SFO experience."

As part of that plan they offered local small businesses year long leases for pop ups. Joiner hasn't applied because the airport requires retailers have $250,000 in revenue, too much for some the program is designed to help. Joiner has asked the Airport Commission to lower the threshold to $150,000. "It's not to say I'm not looking for a handout, but it's also looking for evening the playing field," she said.

In a statement, Grier Mathews, the Marketing Manager for SFO says the purpose of the $250,000 level is, "Ensuring that the retailer has a sufficient level of business activity and can operate in a high-volume airport environment."