Nick Cave will answer your questions on stage

Nick Cave is heading out on a short speaking tour titled "So What Do You Want to Know?" during which he will spend his stage time just answering questions from the audience. It reminds me of some of Hunter S. Thompson's later "lecture" gigs when the Doctor would just walk out, sit down, and say "Any questions?" Last week, Cave posted this:

I've been feeling for a while that I'd like to talk to people about things. I'm not sure what to do with that. I've sort of had this idea of doing some kind of interview but I'm not sure that a regular press interview is the appropriate place to talk about certain things. Maybe some sort of dialogue beyond that might be valuable, where I can talk directly to people, in a more personal way. There seems to be some sort of understanding that now exists with our audience. The idea of an open dialogue with them seems a worthwhile thing to explore.

The tour:

04.30.18 – Academy of Music Theatre, Northampton, MA
05.01.18 – Boch Center, Shubert Theatre, Boston, MA
05.03.18 – Peter Norton Symphony Space, New York, NY
05.05.18 – The Murmrr Theatre, Brooklyn, NY