Behold these trippy optical illusion centerpieces

Valerio Sommella just won a 2018 design award from The German Design Council for these disorienting centerpiece plates he created for Il Coccio.

Terno, Centrepiece. A geometric element replicated and oriented in three directions, for an object that is surprising due to the effect of reflection of light. As in a cubist composition, an illusion of three-dimensional volumes, of spaces and facets.

More shots here. Be sure to check out hia Instagram, as he has a wide variety of interesting projects he's working on. You can buy these pieces via Il Coccio.

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Terno on my table, still quite tricky to look at. #ilcocciodesignedition #productdesign #industrialdesign #ceramics #valeriosommella

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TERNO (via Il Coccio)