Art on Old Navy designs looks exactly like illustrator's work

Illustrator Lili Chin noticed that Old Navy was selling clothes with her art on it. When she asked them to compensate her, they told her to go pound sand.

From her blog:

My art gets stolen all the time.

I have been through many copyright infringement cases – some have been resolved amicably, and there are ones that have taken more work. This case against Old Navy (Gap) is not getting resolved right now because Old Navy is denying copyright infringement.

They are being totally unapologetic, and have said that it would be a "bad business decision" for me to expect to be reasonably compensated for the use of my art. Instead of compensating me, they have chosen to pay a large law firm to fight me, and have even asked the judge to order me to pay THEIR legal fees.

When a company as large and mainstream as Old Navy steals my art and profits from it, and is unapologetic about it, I cannot afford NOT to fight this. My lawyers and I will be fighting this for as long as it takes.

From Paragraph 7 of Chin's legal filing:" The six dog illustrations on the Infringing Product are clearly shoddy copies of Dogs of the World Illustrations, as shown below."

Old Navy's response: "7. Deny the allegations of paragraph 7 of the Complaint."

Come on, Old Navy. Are you really expecting a judge to believe these aren't copies of Chin's work?