Congressional candidate Brianna Wu explains Net Neutrality with cookies

Frank Wu writes, "Brianna Wu, progressive Democrat and cybersecurity expert, is running for Congress in Massachusetts District 8. She has just released a set of three short videos to explain three complex technical issues."

Net Neutrality is explained with cookies.

Laws criminalizing cybersecurity research are explained with dinosaurs.

And the need for cybersecurity laws is explained in one super-complicated chart.

Right now the US is under attack by hackers who are trying to steal your social security number and drain your bank account, and those who are trying to undermine our democracy and threaten the security of our nuclear power plants. The US Congress is doing nothing about this, partially because they don't understand these tech issues. And partially because too many politicians are in the pocket of big telecom companies. Brianna Wu is a software engineer, so she understands these issues, and she is not taking a dollar from big telecom, because she doesn't represent big telecom.

People can donate and support Brianna’s campaign to fix America’s cybersecurity problems.