Japan's prime minister treated to dessert in a shoe

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and their wives enjoyed a private dinner in Israel. By all accounts, they had a lovely evening, which was marred only by the dessert, which was served in shoes.

From Business Insider:

"This was a stupid and insensitive decision," a senior Israeli diplomat who served in Japan told the Hebrew-language newspaper Yedioth Aharonot, according to The Jerusalem Post.

"There is nothing more despised in Japanese culture than shoes," the diplomat said. "Not only do they not enter their houses while wearing shoes, you will not find shoes in their offices either. Even the prime minister, ministers and members of parliament do not wear shoes to work … It is equivalent to serving a Jewish guest chocolates in a dish shaped like a pig."

Image: By indigolotos/Shutterstock