Colorado cop corrects would-be dog-slaughtering Illinois officer about drug-sniffing after marijuana legalization

When I read Macon County, IL K-9 trainer Chad Larner's claim that marijuana legalization would necessitate euthanizing 275 Illinois drug-sniffer dogs that couldn't be retrained and who would be driven mad by the pervasive smell of legal weed, I thought, "Gosh, I hope some cops from a legal weed state like Colorado show up to explain that this guy is full of shit."

Enter Denver Police Department spokesman Jay Casillas, the answer to my prayers: "We continued to utilize these dogs because we still have a booming black market for MJ. We did begin training with larger amounts of marijuana (10 or more pounds). As these dogs have been retired (they usually stay with their police handlers and become their family pets) we purchased new dogs, a couple of these dogs have not been trained on MJ. So right now we have some dogs on MJ and some dogs off of MJ."

"We do not Euthanize any of our dogs," he added. "Narc dogs make great pets, they are just well trained dogs that like to play fetch."

Colorado Cop Debunks lllinois Cop's Claim That Legal Pot Would Lead to Killing of Police Dogs
[Jake Shepherd/Grit News]