Henri le Chat Noir bids us "Oh, revoir"

Henri is a black cat with an "interminable sense of ennui." He unwittingly came across some internet fame back in 2007 when his caretaker Will Braden posted the first video of him in what would become a short, and quite popular, web series.

Now, the feline philosopher has announced his retirement.

Well, the time has come. My final video with the annoying thieving filmmaker is here. Now, I will finally be able to officially retire in peace and work on my philosophy without interruptions. I plan on writing the great feline-american novel. I thank all of you for your support and adulation.

Merci, Henri.

In order, here is the series:

This one was voted the "best Internet cat video" in 2012

Henri also has a book: Henri, le Chat Noir: The Existential Musings of an Angst-Filled Cat