Madman attacks car and passenger with a sledgehammer

An irate gentleman wearing shorts and a lime green shirt was caught on a security camera attacking an SUV – and then a passenger – with a sledgehammer.

He followed the SUV into a parking lot, and when the SUV stops, the enraged man jumps out with a sledgehammer in his hand, which he uses to whack at the driver's window. The SUV starts to drive away, when someone on the passenger side falls out. The SUV keeps going while the passenger limps towards it. The madman looks like he's finished and huffs back to his pickup truck, but then decides he's still angry. He whacks the passenger, and then for good measure swings at the SUV one more time.

The motive? One witness heard the attacker shouting, "You're cheating on my girlfriend," according to NBC10. Also from NBC:

The witness also said that the pickup truck driver tried to chase after the SUV with his vehicle after leaving the parking lot. This was not captured on surveillance video however.

Nobody involved in the attack has come forward with information.