Count your bees with a Raspberry Pi and machine learning

Sure, you worry about your bees, what with colony collapse disorder, but they're hard to count!

Mat Kelsey's ingenious, well-documented solution was to train a machine learning system to recognize bees in a remote video feed with a high degree of accuracy; now he's got a running tally of how his bees are faring from day to day. He's posted his sourcecode to Github.

as always there's still a million things to tinker with…

get things running on the neural compute stick; pending some work on their side…

*get the entire thing ported to the je vois embedded camera i've done a bit of tinkering with this but wanted to have the NCS working as a baseline first. i want 120fps bee detection!!!

*tracking bees over multiple frames / with multiple cameras for optical flow visualisation

*more detailed study of benefit of semi supervised approach and training a larger model to label for a smaller model

*investigate power usage of the NCS; how to factor that into hyperparam tuning?

*switch to building a small version of for doing some cnc controlled seedling genetic experiments (i.e. something completely different)

Couting Bees [Mat Kelsey/Matpalm]

Counting Bees With A Raspberry Pi [Tom Nardi/Hackaday]