Illinois's "anti-corruption" Republican governor handed out $300,000 in cash at a campaign rally

Bruce Rauner is a millionaire hedge-fundie who currently serves as governor of Illinois, a position he attained by campaigning as an "anti-corruption" candidate.

Rauner is up for re-election, having spent his tenure bashing unions, reneging on his promises to raise the minimum wage and calling for a reduction in progressive income taxes on high earners and an increase in regressive sales taxes primarily targeting low earners (he's also had some progressive policies like funding education and infrastructure, ending deceptive anti-abortion practices, and championing marriage equality and LBGTQ rights).

Rauner appeared at a campaign rally at a South Side Chicago church, where the organizers literally handed out $300,000 in cash to prospective voters, saying he was "helping with their property taxes." $100,000 of the money came from Rauner's personal fortune, and the other $200,000 came from fellow Republican politician Willie Wilson.

Rauner says the money was handed out after he left and that he wasn't aware it was going to happen.

Vote buying is a Class 4 felony in Illinois.

"Governor Rauner has supported the Willie Wilson Foundation to help people hurt by the rigged property tax system in Cook County. He was not aware that any cash was going to be handed out at the event," campaign spokesman Alex Browning said Monday. "The governor respects Dr. Wilson's philanthropic pursuits, but believes distributing cash is inappropriate for any candidate seeking public office."

On Sunday evening, Rauner's team would only issue a statement regarding the governor's attendance at the event.

'It looks kind of skeevy': Illinois governor shamed by cash giveaway
[Shia Kapos and Natasha Korecki/Politico]

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