Magic the Gathering app working on augmented reality for cards

The fine folks at MTG Manager have one of the favorite apps for fans of the game. Now they are toying around with an AR option that could display information about each card and possibly animate the images. This concept video of what it might look like live is pretty neat!

Our MTG Manager app can recognize Magic: The Gathering cards in any language. With Augmented Reality (AR), we can translate cards, show prices, oracle text, and much more; the possibilities are endless!

This video is just a teaser of something in the early stages of development. We're exploring innovative ways to enhance our users experience, and the way they manage their cards and collections. You can already download our MTG Manager app to scan cards instantly and organize your collection.

Here's how the AR translate option might look:

Living Magic: The Gathering Cards With Augmented Reality (YouTube / BigAR)