N-word returns to British television

The abandoned Karl Lagerfeld Realdoll prototype known as Rodrigo Alves used the N-word on a British reality TV show and the broadcaster didn't even take him off the air. Here's the BBC on the alarming but very highly-rated return of a classic.

Ofcom said it has received 1,048 complaints about the incident, which was shown on the second day of the reality TV show.

Rodrigo used the word when describing what kind of partner he preferred.

Ofcom is currently deciding whether action will be taken against Channel 5 for its handling of the incident.

"We will assess these against the broadcasting code before deciding whether to take it forward for investigation," it said in a statement.

Alves, known for both the number and the incompetence of his plastic surgeons, has attained a level of celebrity in the UK media that damns both him and them in ways suddenly more obvious. Celebrity Big Brother was reportedly so desperate to keep him on the show that he boasted of the special demands he was making before, finally, making clear to them who is in charge.