'He did nothing wrong,' WH Press Sec. Sarah Sanders says on Trump, 'There are no charges against him.'

"He did nothing wrong," White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Wednesday about the secret payments Donald Trump made to two women during the 2016 Election via his attorney, who just became a convicted felon.

The president did nothing wrong and is not concerned about the Michael Cohen or Paul Manafort guilty verdicts, Sarah Sanders said repeatedly to reporters at the White House Press briefing.

The briefing took place exactly one day after Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen were each convicted in two different federal cases of 8 felonies each.

No big deal.

"He did nothing wrong. There are no charges against him."

Again and again.

Her tone was far more subdued, her language far more cautious, than in previous bellicose briefings in which she berated a room full of TV anchors and press scribes.

The Trump train's going down.

She's covering her ass.

Asked about the possibility of issuing a pardon to Paul Manafort, Sanders said the matter had "nothing to do with the President in any way."

The line from the WH, now repeated four separate times from her about 10 minutes in: "He did nothing wrong. There are no charges against him."

The White House Press Corps are challenging her and doing the job we need them to do. Watch this briefing.