Secrets of a Vegas high-roller suite from its manager

Brandon Presser managed the high-roller suites in Las Vegas's Cosmopolitan. They're reserved for players who front more than a million in the hotel's private casino.

In Bloomberg, Presser reveals what happens behind closed doors:

One repeat guest prefers the suite with a chinchilla-fur hammock; he's been known to splay himself across it naked, waiting for a butler to find him. Another, a well-known basketball player, enjoys having sex on the morning of his departure while the butlers fastidiously pack up his luggage. And one of the casino's oldest guests—also one of the only high-rolling women—has garnered a colorful reputation for discarding fur coats ("I'm bored of them!"), and throwing fists in the gaming salon when her luck is waning. Her other favorite pastime: asking the butlers to dress up in pajamas, crawl into bed next to her, and read her bedtime stories…

Once, someone asked for a monkey to be dressed up in a butler's uniform to check the guest in.

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