An "obsessive," "anti-imperialist" Turing Complete computer language with only one command

Daniel writes, "An obsessive programmer, frustrated with not only the inefficiencies of mainstream OSes like Windows, but what he sees as their 'imperialistic oppression,' built an entire operating system using a subleq architecture. Subleq is a OISC, a language with only a single command. It lacks the most basic features of programming languages, and yet is Turing Complete.

i felt very unsatisfyed with both gnu/linux and windows. as the time elapsed, the feeling started to become even stronger: linux and windows became bigger and slower, linux now employs 5-10k worthless packages to paint icons on the screen, meanwhile it not even supports icons for the binaries. basically every linux software needs hundreds of packages to downloaded separately from internet, as they are created by scripters who randomly using external libraries to even perform an rgb to bgr conversion, and not real programmers who have a clue about writing programs. the newest kde needs 30 seconds to bring up the start menu on my 1,6 ghz atom netbook. windows also stuck in its life – corporative clowns have overtaken the development: they just randomly gathered around some camp fire, and they decided they dont need a start menu. this decision cost them probably very lot, as they placed it back in windows10, too bad now it will show advertisements if you click on it. they totally failed to enter the arm market, they probably had no employer with the abilities of writing a application level x86 emulator to run at least the existing applications, and they still were unable to release one. these are serious problems, it indicates that both gnu/linux and windows is on the brink of death. the real creators who had technical or any other kownedge or sense left these areas long time ago. there are also lack of technical knowledge at linux side, for example, most linux distributions cant even detect the cpu type, and force a kernel using PAE or SSE kernel on a 6×86 cpu, which of course will crash at boot. not to mention linux kernel instantly crashes if it runs out the ram, and this bug has not been fixed in the last 20 years, even if it is technically possible to do so on complex hardware… no real development on windows or linux has been made in the past 2 decade.

A Programming Language With Only One Command and the Anti-Imperialist Operating System Built on it
[Daniel Temkin/Esoteric Codes]

(Thanks, Daniel!)