Old lady calls cops on hispanic mom because her "baby is in pain"

In this video, posted to Facebook by young mom Darla Jeny, an elderly woman calls police from the parking lot of a California PetSmart. It soon becomes apparent that she had spotted a baby in a parked car, but hadn't spotted mom in there with her until after she'd worked herself up into a righteous anger about what was in fact a sleeping, air-conditioned child.

So we stop at PetSmart and I stay in the car with Elsie while she's sleeping in her car seat. Ac is blasting and she taps on the window to get me to roll it down. I try to ignore her but she wouldn't leave me alone. I roll down the window and she says the baby is in the sun. She threatens to call the cops if I don't move my car. I know my husband will be out any minute since we're only there for a few minutes. I then told her to mind her own business and that's when I started recording.

When the hispanic mom's white husband turns up, she becomes more respectful, but the smile drops when is her claim that Darla threatened to beat her up (a claim not supported by the recording) is challenged.

"You deserve that child to be injured, and you probably do injure it," she says.

"Oh yeah, that's what we do."

"Yeah you do. Look at you."

[via Photography Is Not A Crime]