Alex Jones blames "leftist stay-behind networks in US intelligence agencies" for malware on his site

Alex Jones, starved of attention since he was no-platformed by Big Tech, has launched a desperate bid for notoriety, releasing an unhinged (even by Jones's standards) statement blaming the credit-card skimming malware his online store was serving on "a zero-day hack probably carried out by leftist stay behind networks hiding inside US intelligence agencies" (he also blamed it on "big tech, the communist Chinese, and the Democratic party" "globalist forces, "the corporate press, Antifa and rogue intelligence operatives").

Jones claims that none of the suckers who buy his rebadged Gwyneth Paltrow quack remedies were affected by the malware.

De Groot spotted the malware infection on the Infowars online store using a powerful malware scanner that he built a few years back and which is specialized in detecting vulnerabilities and infections in online stores built on top of the Magento e-commerce platform.

"I have not detected any other malware on this site in the past 3.5 years," de Groot told ZDNet in an interview today. "The first detection was on 2018/11/12 21:37:07 UTC. It was added in the previous 24h," de Groot said, referring to today's discovery of the malicious JavaScript code.

The malware that de Groot found was hidden inside a modified block of Google Analytics code.

Card skimming malware removed from Infowars online store [Catalin Cimpanu/Zdnet]