Monster shirts based on an episode of Leave it to Beaver

My friend Mitch O'Connell, "The World's Best Artist," recreated the cool shirts featured in an episode of Leave it to Beaver and is selling them on his site.

If you never saw the peewee version of 'The Wild Ones' on tv and are a little confused about what I'm yacking about, watch it for free.

I did see it as a youth, and immediately salivated over the surfin' wild Rat Fink-like graphics, but sadly, they only existed in tv land. According to Tony 'Wally' Dow, a talented stagehand actually painted the iconic incredibly icky shirts that you see hanging in the window at Tildens. It took me 56 years to get around to doing my best to replicate those cool duds, and through Threadless, you can finally get all four Beaver horror heads printed on pretty much whatever your heart desires, including grey sweatshirts!