Minnesota Attorney General's suit catalogs the many lies of Comcast

Late last year, Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson sued Comcast for lying and lying and lying and lying and lying to the people of Minnesota, all the time, because Comcast is a garbage company, universally loathed by every person who has ever come into contact with them, with the sole exception of FCC Chairman, noted coward, and former telcoms exec Ajit "Fucking" Pai.

In an article that delves into eye-watering detail, Ars Technica's Jon Brodkin delivers a selection of lowlights from the AG's brief in the suit, describing these filthy, shameless lies that reps from America's most hated company told to the good people of Minnesota.

Swanson says that Comcast told Minnesotans lies long after it had settled a class action suit over its filthy, shameless lies in 2016.

In its defense, Comcast threw its low-level phone staffers (who have a well-deserved rep as the most vicious and unpleasant phone staffers in the world, thanks to the company's policy of firing employees who don't deceive and abuse their customers) under the bus.

In 2016, Comcast/Xfinity promised a consumer on his Service Order that it would charge him $109, plus tax, for two years. Despite his Service Order stating: "HD/DVR $0" and "Addl. Monthly Fees $ —" Comcast/Xfinity increased his bill by $19.95 per month by adding an equipment (DVR) fee as well as Broadcast TV, Regional Sports, and HD Technology fees.

Similarly, in August 2016, Comcast/Xfinity promised a consumer that it would charge him the same price for two years and wrote that he would pay $139.99 per month on his Service Order. Comcast/Xfinity instead charged him more, including an undisclosed Broadcast TV fee of $4.50 per month and Regional Sports fee of $3.00 per month, and then raised his rate by over $19.95 per month in the second year of his term by adding an HD Technology fee and an equipment (DVR) fee, despite his Service Order misrepresenting: "HD DVR Qty 1 $Free."

In October 2015, Comcast/Xfinity promised two consumers during its in-home sales pitch a Cable Television Package that would be "locked" for two years. During their two-year term, however, Comcast/Xfinity increased their bill by over $20 per month by adding an undisclosed equipment (DVR) fee and HD Technology fee. When the consumers complained to the company about the price increase, it told them that part of the increase was due to its Broadcast TV fee and Regional Sports fee increases, falsely claiming "those are outside our control."

Likewise, in 2016 Comcast/Xfinity came to another consumer's door and promised that he would pay only $99 per month total for its Cable Television Package. Because he was retired and the total monthly price he would pay was important to him, the consumer asked the company to confirm that his "bottom line" price would be $99 per month, which Comcast/Xfinity confirmed. Comcast/Xfinity further falsely promised on his Service Order that he would not be charged for a DVR, stating: "DVR Qty 1 $0." Subsequently, however, Comcast/Xfinity charged the consumer far more than it promised, including undisclosed equipment (DVR), Broadcast TV and Regional Sports fees.

The lies Comcast allegedly told customers to hide full cost of service [Jon Brodkin/Ars Technica]

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