Five young teens save an 8-year-old boy who is dangling from a ski chairlift

An 8-year-old boy and family were boarding a ski lift at Grouse Mountain ski resort in North Vancouver when the boy immediately slipped out of the chair. His father grabbed on to his son and told the operator to stop the lift, according to Global News, but the music was too loud for the operator to hear. By the time the operator noticed and stopped the lift, the boy was hanging from the chair, around 20 feet off the ground, gripping on to his dad for dear life.

People on the ground were staring, not knowing what to do, until five boys ages 12-14 jumped into action. They saw a netted fence and grabbed a piece of it, along with some kind of pad they found, and held their makeshift safety net under the dangling boy. One of the teens told the boy to kick off his skis, and another said, "Trust us and drop." Which the boy did, and landed without any injuries.

For their heroic deed, the teens are receiving free passes to the ski resort for a year.

Here's the news story on Global News:

Here's the raw footage: