Cartoonist Kayfabe Show and Tell, Outlaw Comics!

What's an outlaw comic? Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg attempt to answer that question as they examine this misunderstood comic book subgenre. Outlaws comics are a strain of offensive, ink-drenched, violence-soaked indie comics began to spread through the direct market in the 80s and 90s. These comics featured nightmarish visions of graphic torment far beyond the vanilla, Comics-Code-approved 4-color fantasies. Welcome to comic book hell!


Ed and Jim highlight Bootleg Comics 

Tim Vigil
Faust 1
Faust Love of the Damned movie trailer

Benjamin Marra
Terror Assaulter
American Blood
Traditional Comics ad 

Lawrence Hubbard
Real Deal Comix

Jason Karns

Hart D. Fisher


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