San Dimas High School and associated football team "rule"

San Dimas High School, famed alma mater of Bill S. Preston, ESQ. and Ted "Theodore" Logan, is ready to host The Wyld Stallyns, if the new Bill and Ted 3 needs a high school location.


TMZ reports that according to the Bonita Unified School District, Reeves, Winter, and the rest of production are welcome to film any high school scenes at San Dimas High School, the actual school portrayed in the film.

BUSD officials told TMZ "while the district hasn't been contacted by anyone in the production so far, they'd be thrilled to provide a backdrop in the upcoming installment and would accommodate any filming."

Although parts of the Bill and Ted film took place at San Dimas High School, most of the high school scenes were actually filmed in Arizona, says TMZ.

Even if filming doesn't end up happening at the high school, BUSD told TMZ that Keanu and company are welcome there any time.