Male tech execs accused of sexual misconduct now getting second chances

* whether they deserve one or not

Second chances are hard to come by in America, but not for these high-profile male technology executives who were accused of sexual misconduct and are now getting second chances.

Davey Alba and Ryan Mac of Buzzfeed News report that since mid-2017, when #meToo stormed Silicon Valley, a number of of high-profile tech industry men accused of doing very bad things to women lost their jobs. All those dudes who lost their jobs now have new jobs.

Former Social Finance CEO Mike Cagney, ex-Google-X Director Rich DeVaul, former Draper Fisher Jurvetson Partner Steve Jurvetson are also featured in this who's-who of the American technology industry's accused misogynists, perverts, assholes, and sexual abusers.

All of whom have new gigs and new lives.

Gosh they are lucky gentlemen, are they not?

Wonder how the women fared.

"This was a tough subject to report on and one that deserves nuance," tweeted Buzzfeed's Ryan Mac.

"The folks advocating for diversity and inclusion in tech all argued there should be a way for those accused of past sexual misconduct back into the industry. The question was after how long, and into what roles?"

Dave McClure and Robert Scoble are among the men featured, and their points of view on how they are portrayed were also worth reading, but have been deleted. Interesting choice, wonder why. Maybe they changed their minds about how they'd told their own stories?

Or, maybe:

Who knows.

It must be nice to make profound mistakes in life and proceed upward, as you were, with seemingly few or no consequences. Must be nice. Would not know.

"My rapist still works in tech," says Liz Fong-Jones about a former Google executive.

"Not only does he work in tech, he has a position where he may be supervising people as a CTO," she says.

"This man is dangerous and is a serial rapist."

And he is employed, as are the others.

Read the entire feature by Ryan Mac at Buzzfeed, it's pretty amazing how deep the reporting goes. May it help the world hold these men and others accountable for their actions.

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