Police called to would-be UK PM Boris Johnson's home, 'loud altercation' reported

In London, police were called to the home of Boris Johnson and partner Carrie Symonds in the early Friday morning hours.

Neighbors reported "a loud altercation involving screaming, shouting and banging," reports the Guardian.

"Police attended and spoke to all occupants of the address, who were all safe and well," reported the London police. "There were no offences or concerns apparent to the officers and there was no cause for police action."

On an audio recording obtained by the Guardian, Johnson "can be heard refusing to leave the flat and telling Symonds to 'get off my fucking laptop' before a loud crashing noise."

Symonds is reportedly heard saying: "You just don't care for anything because you're spoilt."

From the Guardian:

The argument could be heard outside the property where the potential future prime minister is living with Symonds, a former Conservative party head of press.

A neighbour told the Guardian they heard a woman screaming followed by "slamming and banging". At one point Symonds could be heard telling Johnson to "get off me" and "get out of my flat".

The neighbour said that after becoming concerned they knocked on the door but received no response. "I [was] hoping that someone would answer the door and say 'We're okay'. I knocked three times and no one came to the door."

The neighbour decided to call 999. Two police cars and a van arrived within minutes, shortly after midnight, but left after receiving reassurances from both the individuals in the flat that they were safe.

When contacted by the Guardian on Friday, police initially said they had no record of a domestic incident at the address. But when given the case number and reference number, as well as identification markings of the vehicles that were called out, police issued a statement saying: "At 00:24hrs on Friday, 21 June, police responded to a call from a local resident in [south London]. The caller was concerned for the welfare of a female neighbour.