Judge admonishes teenage girl for pressing rape charges against a "young man who comes from a good family"

New York judge James Troiano is unhappy with a 16-year-old girl's family for pressing rape charges against a 16-year-old boy who filmed himself assaulting the girl when she was drunk and sent the video to his friends with the caption, "When your first time having sex was rape."

From the New York Times:

[Judge Troiano] also said the young man came from a good family, attended an excellent school, had terrific grades and was an Eagle scout. Prosecutors, the judge said, should have explained to the girl and her family that pressing charges would destroy the boy's life.

So he denied prosecutors' motion to try the 16-year-old as an adult. "He is clearly a candidate for not just college but probably for a good college."

Judge Troiano denied the prosecution's request to try the alleged rapist as an adult. "This young man comes from a good family who put him into an excellent school where he was doing extremely well," the judge said. "His scores for college entry were very high."

The Times also has an account of the alleged rape and what happened in the months that followed:

Before the episode, prosecutors said, both teenagers walked into a darkened area of the basement and Mary stumbled as she walked.

"While on the sofa, a group of boys sprayed Febreze on Mary's bottom and slapped it with such force that the following day she had hand marks on her buttocks," according to court documents.

After the assault, prosecutors said, G.M.C. left the room, but some of his concerned friends checked on her. Mary was found on the floor vomiting, and she was driven home by a friend's mother.

When Mary woke up the following morning, she was confused about her torn clothing and bruises on her body, and told her mother she feared "sexual things had happened at the party" without her consent, court documents said.

Over the next several months, she learned that G.M.C. had shared the video among friends, but, when confronted, he denied recording the encounter and said the friends were lying, according to court documents.

Eventually, Mary learned that the boy had continued to share the video, prompting her mother to contact the authorities and ultimately pursue criminal charges in 2017.

Image: robeprobe