Eating nuts helps 'busting a nut' be more fun

Science babies, science.


Adding nuts to a regular diet significantly improves orgasmic function and sexual desire in healthy young men, according to the FERTINUTS study.

The randomized controlled trial, which was recently published in Nutrients, showed a significant increase in the orgasmic function (P = .037) and sexual desire (P = .040) of men of reproductive age who received the nut intervention in comparison with an age-matched control group.

The researchers found no significant between-group differences in changes during the intervention in erectile function (P = .192), intercourse satisfaction (P = .473), and overall satisfaction (P = .333). In addition, there were no significant correlations between changes in erectile dysfunction parameters and in biochemical parameters during the intervention, write Albert Salas-Huetos, PhD, from University Rovira i Virgili, Reus, Spain, and colleagues.

"None of the possible mechanisms explored (nitric oxide and E-selectin, as surrogate markers of endothelial function) seem to explain the beneficial effects observed on orgasmic function and sexual desire," they write. They add that the study "did not provide enough evidence to support the main mechanism for these improvements, however, an absence of evidence does not mean evidence of no effect."