Man spends 82 days in jail because cops said his honey was meth

Leon Haughton was arrested at Baltimore-Washington International Airport on December 29 when cops told him that 3 jars of honey in his baggage had tested positive for methamphetamine. He was charged with three felony drug counts. On January 17, the lab test results revealed the the jars were honey – no meth. The prosecutors dropped the charges. But the state of Maryland kept Haughton in jail for a total of 87 days before letting him go.

From Reason:

The case highlights a heap of inane government incompetence. Why would an immigration detainer remain in place for a misdemeanor drug offense, even after the government shutdown ended on January 25? Why was Haughton's honey tested at the first lab if that facility was not prepared to render a result? Why did it need to be tested three times to get an accurate result, and why did that take so many months to complete?

During the ordeal, Haughton lost both of his jobs, one as a cleaner and the other as a construction worker. He also has six children, and he says that their school performance suffered immensely while he was away.

(Image: Emily Mathews, CC-BY)