PrivacySafe: The Anti-Cloud Appliance

Boing Boing is proudly sponsored by Privacy Safe!

PrivacySafe is building the anti-cloud. For the first time, you can order a portable, private, and secure IoT storage appliance built on a fully-open stack.

Pre-order now to take advantage of early-bird pricing and get discounts on other privacy-respecting services and open hardware.

  • Pocket-sized!
  • Cutting edge, military-grade encryption
  • Free and Open-Source Software and Open Hardware, so it can be completely audited for malicious code.
  • Your files are encrypted locally, in your home or business, on hardware you can touch.
  • Tor .onion addressing
  • BTCPay Bitcoin payment processing. Avoid payment fees, forever!
  • Monero wallet on-board
  • Malware protection with real-time virus scan, network, and bluetooth monitor
  • Password vault with keyring and strong passphrase generator