Landmark Theatres bans cosplay during 'Joker' opening weekend, citing security

Sorry, no cosplay

No joke.

TMZ reports that Landmark Theatres will ban costumes for the opening weekend of the movie 'Joker,' because some of the film's iconography is closely associated with online groups prone to violence.

No cosplay, they say, at Landmark Theatres for 'Joker' opening screenings.

We've previously reported about other security measures being taken around the film's imminent opening.


CEO Ted Mundorff tells TMZ … "We are not allowing costumes, face painting or masks by either our employees or guests," specifically for the release of the movie starring Joaquin Phoenix.

Landmark operates over 50 theaters in 27 markets in the U.S.

The U.S. military also fears incels will commit acts of violence at screenings of the edgy new Joker movie, and has warned troops to keep an eye out for them at screenings.