New bar where you pay by the hour to drink

Open Concept is a new bar in St. Louis, Missouri where patrons make an appointment to visit and then pay by the hour to drink as much (or as little) as you'd like. The per-hour price is $10 but if you want top shelf booze, it jumps to $20/hour.

"At our bar we don't sell drinks, we sell time," states their website.

From St. Louis magazine:

Proprietor Michael Butler, the city's current recorder of deeds, got the idea from fundraising parties while running for office. "I would hold events where we charged by the hour for admission and have an open bar," he recalls. "We got a lot of presale tickets online, and we created large-batch drinks in order to cut costs." After a series of successful events, he imagined the same model could be applied to a business. He believes the price is "what the market can afford and will feel is a good value…."

When patrons book their time at Open Concept, they create a profile and are assigned a confirmation code, which is used to place drink orders at the bar. Bartenders will only serve one drink per person at a time, and a proprietary point-of-sale system will track consumption. Butler says the system will scan driver's licenses and use a patron's height and weight to assign a number of drinks per hour to keep the bar in compliance with legal limits.