Real estate investing isn't just for the 1% anymore

With the gains real estate has made over stocks in the past 25 years, it's easy to see why the rich constantly use it to expand their wealth. What's slightly less obvious is why only the rich seem to ever break into real estate investment.

There are a lot of reasons, but a couple of big ones stand out. First, money. Most private equity real estate funds require their investors to be accredited, and that takes a pretty significant six-figure income. And if you want to buy and renovate properties, you need to deal with the hassle of being a landlord, or the additional expense of hiring a property manager.

DiversyFund sidesteps both of those traps. It's a real estate investment trust with a vertically-integrated structure, meaning everything is in-house. Scouting, property management, renovation, sales and everything in between is essentially handled by the same team. That means a major cut in extraneous middleman fees, which in turn lowers the fees for the investor.

Second, it's not a private equity fund. That allows investors in the door with as little as a $500 seed. That initial investment gets spread across several multi-family properties, which then start the process of renovation and resale – and since DiversyFund doesn't make gains unless you do, you can be confident that your money is working for you.

Get all the details at DiversyFund now, and see how they're opening up a market that used to be an exclusive financial playground for the 1%.