Interview with Kai Lan Egg, a Hong Kong protest artist who specializes in anime pro-democracy memes

Matteo writes, "Kai Lan Egg is an anonymous artist from Hong Kong. He started drawing illustrations of the Hong Kong protest primarily using a Japanese anime style to encourage the people around him to stand against the progressive erosion of the Hong Kong independence."

July 1 was a turning point.

The demonstrators attacked the Legislative Council. They destroyed many objects that symbolize the Hong Kong government.

However, they did not steal and destroy cultural relics, libraries, etc., and read the texts in the conference hall, which was recognized by most citizens.

Besides, there have been few floating bodies in Hong Kong waters.

However, since the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement, there have been many floating bodies in the sea.

The police all think that the cause of death is not suspicious.

We are very skeptical that these things are done by the police.

Hong Kong Protests Art: Interview with Kai Lan Egg [China Underground]